Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Shop


Your Comic Shop.

St. Paul, MN.

The Overview: Written in the format of a feature article, this first block of text would showcase the story of your comic shop, and provide readers with an insight into what makes your place so special.   We'd do this in a few paragraphs, providing history and anecdotes --anything that can help us capture a sense of place.  The rest of the article would give the reader a deeper feeling for your shop by profiling you and your employees.  Each profile would be short and sweet, and center around the standard Longbox prompt: "why is this comic book important to you?"


The Profile: Each participant would get his or her own mini-profile, a couple paragraphs long.  We'd share general information -- hometown, favorite titles, and how long they've been working at for you.  The primary focus of each profile would be the comic they selected from their personal collection, however.  It would look something like this.

Why Is This Comic Important You?

I remember first discovering Mignola by accident -- he did the covers for the Death In the Family series back when Jason Todd died, and the cover art was just brutal and beautiful....


We'd highlight as many employees as you'd like.  The choice is yours.

Finally, we'd close with a gallery of photos from your shop, letting people see what you have to offer, and helping them place your store within the broader landscape of comic shops across the country.  We'd  offer links, and contact info, encouraging readers to check your store out in person.  Before publishing this post we'd share a preview version with you, welcoming any feedback you might have to offer.  If you're interested, please contact Max here.