THE LONGBOX PROJECT WELCOMES submissions from any writer who meets these two criteria:

1) You have personal memories associated with any book in your collection.

2) You're willing to answer our standard prompt in 600-1200 words, using your clearest, cleanest, and most honest writing.  Want to write something longer?  Let's talk.  Our prompt is: Why is this comic important to you?

If you can meet these two criteria, we want to read your work.  All writings must be previously unpublished, autobiographical, and submitted via  our submit page.  If approved, your submission be posted on our collector blog page (with credits) and archived on our site until the end of time.  To see a good example of kind of writing we're looking for, go here.  

You can submit as many times as you like, but only submit your best writing. Please read our submission guidelines for a helpful review of our nerdy but necessary policies and expectations.  

Where you're ready, submit here.





THE LONGBOX PROJECT BELIEVES that the millions of established and emerging writer and artists who create our comic books are also our greatest historians, activists, and archivists. But they rarely get the credit they deserve. Our creator blog is a humble attempt to promote, and memorialize the varied contributions made by these, our greatest ambassadors and contributors to the genre. 

If you're a comic book creator and you’d like to participate in our memory project, here’s all you have to do:

1) Contact us to schedule an interview. We can do this over Skype, Gchat, email, or in person.

2) Pick a few comics from your collection that invoke the strongest memories for you.  

3) Be ready to talk about your past work.  And current projects. 

4) Consider providing sample copies of your work to help add depth to your interview.

When you're ready, contact us.